ZTEM™ (Z-Axis Tipper Electromagnetic) System

ZTEM System in Greenland

Unique in the geophysical industry, Geotech’s exclusive ZTEM™ (Z-Axis Tipper Electromagnetic) system leverages the earth’s natural (or passive) fields from global thunderstorm activity as a source of transmitted energy.  ZTEM™ is ideal for mapping deeply buried, porphyry hosted and structurally controlled targets.  We have 10 easily transportable ZTEM™ systems available for shipping to your site.


Our clients choose ZTEM because it provides:

  • Wide frequency range, with low frequencies allowing penetration through deep or conductive cover
  • Superior exploration depth exceeding 2,000 meters
  • Excellent resistivity discrimination and detection of weak contrasts (<2x)

Helicopter ZTEM offers:

  • Frequency measurement from 30 Hz to 720 Hz
  • Survey speed of 55 knots

Fixed-wing ZTEM offers:

  • Frequency measurement from 45 Hz to 360 Hz
  • Survey speed of 100 knots
  • Redesigned z-axis retractable sensor (3×4 meter rectangle)
  • Lower cost regional mapping

How it works

Thunderstorm activity around the world generates audio frequency magnetic fields. These natural fields are planar and horizontal. ZTEM measures vertical field responses caused by lateral conductivity contrasts in the earth.

ZTEM’s receiver design, advanced digital electronics and signal processing result in lower noise levels, exceptional resolution and unparalleled depth penetration from the air.

For the product sheet for ZTEM™ click here.

Industries used include: Government, Minerals, Oil & Gas

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