VTEM™ (Versatile Time Domain Electromagnetic) System

VTEM Flying in Nevada

Geotech’s exclusive and industry-leading VTEM™ (Versatile Time Domain Electromagnetic) system has surveyed more than two million line-kilometers with confirmed results in many different deposits and host geologies for various industries. We operate more than 30 VTEM™ systems globally.


Our clients choose VTEM™ because it provides:

  • Exceptional data, greater depth perception and higher resolution as a result of high-quality signal-to-noise levels
  • Customization based on terrain and desired penetration depth because VTEM™ offers multiple loop sizes
  • Total field or horizontal gradient magnetics depending on a client’s specific needs
  • Ability to energize strong conductors and explore more deeply through adjustable pulse widths

How it Works

To see beneath the surface as clearly as possible, it’s critical to achieve the optimal ratio of power to noise. VTEM does this with a coincident vertical dipole transmitter-receiver configuration that provides a symmetric system response and features a high power transmitter and low noise receiver.

VTEM generates currents that diffuse into the earth and, similar to water, always take the path of least resistance. Conductive material absorbs the currents and releases a secondary field that the VTEM system measures. A strong conductor absorbs and releases more or all of the VTEM signal. A weak conductor absorbs and releases some or none of the VTEM signal.

VTEM’s capacity to vary the pulse width provides our clients with an important competitive advantage. A long pulse energizes the earth for a longer period of time, allowing strong conductors to absorb more signal and release a secondary field. This enables VTEM to accurately assess the true conductance of the material. However, a long pulse shortens the time available to listen to the earth’s response. A short pulse, in contrast, provides more time to listen and allows for deeper exploration.

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Industries used include: Government, Groundwater, Minerals, Oil & Gas

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