Please feel free to email an account manager directly or email for a quotation.

Here are a few details that will be helping in obtaining a quotation for your potential survey:

Survey Area – Please provide coordinates or a polygon of the area you would like to cover.

Line spacing/direction –We are happy to discuss what might be the ideal solution given your target and host geology.

Accommodations – Any input on the best place to stay in your project area is appreciated.

Local knowledge –  Any input you have regarding local information will assist us in determining whether there are any communities that you will need to alert to the possibility of a survey. To assist you with your communications, we are happy to provide you with information that can be disseminated to local communities.

Deadlines –  If there are associated deadlines with the project please inform us what they maybe, as this helps us to ensure that we are able to meet your deadlines while still providing you the highest quality product.