The Evolution Continues-Introducing VTEM™ET

Introducing VTEM ET

This system introduced into commercial surveys in late 2016 joins the family of VTEM™  systems that have flown millions of line kms globally since 2005.   This new system creates a specialized system aimed at earlier times, nearer surface resolution and a higher sensitivity to wider range of resistivities.

The new system boasts:

  • A redesigned broadband receiver sensor
  • Re-configured transmitter system
  • New digital acquisition system

Geotech continues to lead the EM airborne industry with continued development into its systems. “In developing new systems we don’t want to give up anything, we want to keep what we know is best for our clients; single waveform, low noise levels and high resolution” said Paolo Berardelli, VP of Geotech.

This new system has been designed for precise near-surface applications such as groundwater and environmental.

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