Magnetic (Helicopter and Fixed Wing)

Geotech's PAC750 flying in Australia

For more than 30 years, Geotech has been flying magnetics to map subsurface geology at sites around the world. You can choose from fixed-wing or helicopter magnetics – and can add radiometrics to either. Whatever the configuration, you have access to state-of-the-art technologies and our commitment to understanding and meeting your needs.

Helicopter magnetics

Geotech’s helicopter solutions include single sensor towed magnetics, towed gradiometers and stingers.

Our three-axis airborne magnetic gradiometer features high-resolution optically pumped magnetic sensors – especially important in areas of low magnetic gradients. This system is a valuable tool in the exploration for gold, silver, platinum-group elements (PGEs) and diamonds, and assists in mapping geologic and man-made structures for engineering applications.

Our stinger-mounted magnetometer system mounts the same high-resolution magnetic sensor on a boom. It is best suited for ultra-high-resolution surveys in moderate to challenging terrain because it allows line spacing as tight as 20 meters and a sensor height of less than 30 meters.


Our clients choose Geotech’s helicopter gradiometer magnetics because we provide:

  • More accurate target positioning
  • High performance in challenging terrain
  • Detailed definition of structure  and small sources
  • Enhanced definition of complex structures
  • Actual gradients for improved cross-line gridding

Our clients choose Geotech’s stinger magnetics because we provide:

  • Stable platform for low noise recording, complemented by data compensation to monitor and remove platform-induced noise
  • Highest available airborne spatial resolution
  • Lightweight solution for flying in rugged and mountainous terrain
  • High data sampling rate

Fixed-wing magnetics

Every year, Geotech flies and processes about one million line-kilometers of fixed-wing magnetics.

We operate a fleet of company-owned Caravans, PAC750XLs, Cessnas and Fletchers capable of flying single sensor tail boom magnetics and optional wing tip pods that collect gradient magnetic data. We also maintain trusted partnerships with global aircraft operators so we can use our equipment on local planes.

For a product sheet on our fixed wing magnetics click here.


Our clients choose Geotech’s fixed-wing magnetics because we provide:

  • Flexibility to accommodate different types of aircraft
  • Experienced pilots and aviation group
  • Capacity to cover large areas rapidly and cost-effectively with long-range auxiliary tanks that allow up to 10 hours of continuous flight
  • Ability to access remote survey locations
  • Significantly faster turnaround time for data
  • Global support with aviation operation bases in Africa, Australia, North America and South America that minimize mobilization times and maximize local knowledge
  • Experience with very large projects
Industries used include: Government, Groundwater, Minerals, Oil & Gas

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Industries used include: Government, Groundwater, Minerals, Oil & Gas