SAGEEP 2015 – Why Austin Was the Place to Be for Geophysical Instrumentation and Technology

Mineral and resource industry insiders and outsiders alike might think that it’s easy for geophysical instrument manufacturers and providers to present talks on their innovative systems at conferences around the world. Yet with few exceptions, the fact is most conferences discourage any commercial geophysical content in scientific papers and talks. How then are users able to evaluate and compare, along with fellow peers, the wide variety of geophysical systems for their future use?

Geotech's Jean Legault in front of Geotech conference booth.

The SAGEEP conference organized in spring every year by EEGS (Environmental and Engineering Geophysics Society) offers geophysical manufacturers, providers and users that possibility. SAGEEP (symposium for advancement of geophysics for engineering and environmental problems) showcases new innovations in system design and technology, as well as giving manufacturers and providers a chance to measure themselves against each other in an open scientific forum. Indeed, each year SAGEEP unites several hundred delegates and exhibitors from the four corners of the globe in a unique opportunity to present and listen to the largest and widest variety of technical and poster sessions made available.

Held in several parallel strands over a three to four day period, technical talks are presented, ranging from geophysics for agriculture, archeology, engineering, transportation, water, unexploded ordinance (UXO), mining, oil fields, marine and polar regions. Speakers, delegates and exhibitors come from all regions of the world (Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa, South and North America), from all sectors (consultants, companies, universities, governments), in all disciplines (electric, electromagnetic, Landsat, gravity, induced polarization, magnetics, nuclear resonance, radar, radiometric, seismic, inversion) and all job types (engineers, scientists, students, salesmen) to learn about state of the art and future innovation in applied geophysics.

Geotech's Jean Legault at SAGEEP 2015.

Image provided by EEGS/SAGEEP.

EEGS has managed to choose some of the most interesting cities and venues to host its yearly SAGEEP conferences, which makes for an enjoyable attendee experience. This year’s choice of Austin Texas gave us all the privilege of seeing first hand its unique and eclectic culinary, musical and cultural atmosphere that did not disappoint. And, as it has for the last 6 years running, Geotech was able to showcase its world leading AEM technologies in a paper on VTEM Full Waveform airborne EM technology in a recent groundwater exploration case-study from Brandon, Manitoba, that was co-authored with the Manitoba Department of Conservation and Water Stewardship and also Natural Resources Canada.

To read more about our mentioned case study click here.

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