Tri Origin Commences Field Surveys over Alliance Gold & Base Metal Properties

“The work program for the remainder of 2016 is anticipated to consist of ground geological and geophysical surveys and diamond drilling to follow-up airborne electromagnetic anomalies detected during a “VTEM” airborne EM and magnetic survey recently completed by the Alliance. The airborne survey was flown by Geotech Ltd and covered a large survey grid. Examination of results from the airborne survey resulted in selection of an initial portion of the survey area “Target Area 1” to be the focus of the next phase of surface exploration.”

Aurora, Ontario / TheNewswire / June 9, 2016 – Tri Origin Exploration Ltd is pleased to announce that a summer field program of geological and geophysical surveying has commenced at a portion of the Company’s large property holding along the south margin of the Abitibi Greenstone Belt in the Cobalt-Temagami region of Ontario.

This work is conducted on behalf of a gold and base metal exploration Alliance entered into between Tri Origin and Sumac Mines Ltd. (“Sumac”) a subsidiary of Sumitomo Metal Mining Co. Ltd. (Sumitomo). Sumac is funding Alliance activities to a maximum total expenditure of C$4.5 million. The current field work comprises part of a 2016 work program that has a total budget of $955,000.

Field work will focus on “Target Area 1″, an area selected by the Alliance for initial follow-up of results obtained from a VTEM-plus airborne electromagnetic and magnetic survey flown for the Alliance as announced by Tri Origin in a news release dated April 4, 2016. Field work will consist of geological investigations, prospecting and line cutting in the vicinity of newly detected airborne geophysical anomalies. Deep-looking Induced Polarization (“IP”) geophysical surveying will be conducted at selected areas to detect zones of disseminated sulphide which may be associated with covered, and as yet, unrecognized gold deposits. The objective of the field work is to delineate and prioritize drill targets, which may represent both massive and disseminated sulphide zones for an upcoming drill program.

Field work is expected to be complete by mid-July. Shareholders will be informed of the results of this work and of plans for follow-up diamond drilling as they are formalized.

The Alliance is focused on discovery of high-grade and high-value gold and gold-rich, poly-metallic sulphide deposits along the southern margin of the Abitibi Greenstone Belt – one of the most prolific metal producing areas in the world. In the Cobalt-Temagami region, the prospective Archean-age volcanic rocks are covered by younger, regionally extensive, Proterozoic-age sedimentary rocks. These cover rocks precluded historic prospecting and limited the effectiveness of earlier geophysical equipment which had minimal depth penetration capability. Furthermore, much of this terrain was excluded from exploration during the time period between 1970 and 2000 due to land cautions and exploration moratoriums.

Alliance activities within the southern Abitibi Greenstone Belt provide a fully-funded opportunity for Tri Origin to capitalize on its strategy of identifying and acquiring prospective, district-scale properties in well-mineralized mining areas and advancing these properties toward making new discoveries.

Read the press release here.

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