Our biggest priority when flying in various locations is to leave as minimal impact as possible. In order to ensure that this priority is met, we use the following best practices:

  • We research the migration patterns of animals in the region to reduce pattern disruption
  • We practice safe environmental policies for fuel drum clean-up and disposal
  • We are open to developing and maintaining positive community and stakeholder relationships

To achieve our goal of corporate transparency we work with local communities such as first nations and indigenous groups to provide information on the use and impact of our airborne systems via open house meetings and information sessions.

To have a positive impact, we have begun working towards becoming a socially responsible company by supporting local community programs in areas where we work.

Our most recent community support includes:

  • Canadian education and global development in Ghana.

If you require information our how our airborne services are sustainable, or to discuss community relations please do not hesitate to contact us at info@geotech.ca for more information.