To be the most sought-after provider of innovative geoscience services and technologies in the world while operating in a safe, efficient and effective manner.

Our Vision

We will aim to be at the forefront of airborne technology in order to bring our clients the best tools for exploration.

We will work to ensure that all of our services are provided as efficiently and safely as possible, while never sacrificing on quality.

We will build partnerships around the world to add value and ease to our client surveys, whereever their properties may be.

We will continue to work with local communities to have minimal environmental impact.

Our Values

All employees and contractors are held to our highest standards.

We keep promises.
We value our promises, we deliver on every commitment we make.

We take pride in our work.
We guarantee quality; quality in our work and in our service.

We will continue to lead.
We aim to provide new solutions to our clients that foster innovation, creativity and productivity.  We produce and provide solutions that clients will need.